Urgent - HSE “Material Breach” – Fees for Intervention

The Health & Safety Executive are now charging Companies to enforce Health & Safety Law.

Since October 1st, 2012 the HSE has received approval from parliament to start charging companies their costs for time spent on cases if in their opinion a “material breach” in health and safety is found during a site visit after an accident has occurred.

The HSE has identified that if in the opinion of one of its inspectors a material breach has occurred due to an infringement of health & safety law requiring them to make a formal intervention and issue a notice to the owner/user, then costs can be charged.

The HSE has stated that they will charge £124 per hour for time spent during visits, assessing and reviewing documentation until they are satisfied that the material breach has been rectified. The average cost per case is estimated at circa £750.

An example of a “material breach” is if an employer cannot provide evidence of a Thorough Examination Report for an item of plant requiring one.

Please contact our office if you think you may be in “material breach” of Health & Safety Law and we will assist you to rectify it for you before you get a visit.

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