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We are a leading independent inspection company carrying out statutory and non-statutory examinations on plant-associated with workplace activities.


We work in partnership with brokers and clients providing a common sense of an approach to sound professional judgment based on years of training and experience. 

Our engineers carry out inspections on a plant-covered under:

Loler 98, lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 
This can be defined as work equipment used for lifting and lowering loads.
Examples of a plant are: cranes, passenger goods lifts, motor vehicle lifts, dumper trucks with high lift buckets, forklift trucks, and miscellaneous lifting tackle.


Puwer 98, provision & use of work equipment regulations.
“work equipment” means any equipment used by an employee whilst at work.
It also contains specific requirements for mobile work equipment and power presses.
Examples of a plant are bulldozers, dump trucks, dock levelers, lathes, drilling machines, guillotines, and roller shutter doors.


Pssr 2000, pressure systems safety regulations.
The regulations apply to users and owners of systems containing relevant fluids. A pressure system is a system comprising of one or more rigid pressure vessels with associated pipework and protective devices.
Examples of a plant are steam boilers, self-generating autoclaves, air receivers, and refrigeration plants.


Coshh 2002, control of substances hazardous to health:
The COSHH regulations apply to every company that either uses or produces in the workplace substances hazardous to health.
Examples are vapours given off by glue and paint, fumes generated by welding and cutting operations, or dust from off by wood cutting machinery and metal grinding machines.


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