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Two firms in court after worker injured on an unguarded machine

Two companies have been fined for safety failings after a worker suffered serious injuries to his left hand when it was caught in a stone cutting machine. The worker's hand was trapped for approximately an hour until emergency services were able to release him. More information about the accident and fine can be found on HSE's Press Release. Information on the supply and use of work equipment and machinery can be found on the HSE's Work equipment and machinery webpages.   

Company prosecuted after worker suffers back injury in forklift fall  

A forklift truck company has been fined after a worker fractured a vertebra in his back when one of its vehicles fell from a lorry. The worker was unloading the forklift by driving it down a ramp.  However, the ramp dislodged from the trailer causing it and the forklift to drop straight down.  More information about the incident and fine can be found on HSE’s Press Release. More information vehicle and transport safety can be found on HSE's Vehicles at work web pages.


Enfield firm in court after faking safety record
A North London company has been sentenced for operating a fault-ridden forklift truck and trying to deceive safety inspectors by forging a positive examination report on the vehicle. More information about the prosecution and fine can be found on HSE's Press Release.


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