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Committee aims to understand fatal fall causes and solutions

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Working at Height is seeking information to help the work of committee.

The Committee is concerned that: “Falls from height and falling objects from height account for the highest number of preventable fatalities and injuries across all sectors in UK industry. The APPG will seek to understand the root causes and propose effective, sensible measures to reduce this toll and send people safely home from work.”

The APPG for Working at Height is being run in conjunction with Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA). The committee is investigating serious injury and fatalities while working at height and is consulting all interested persons on the following questions:

In your opinion, what are the primary reasons for falls, or falling objects, which cause serious injuries or fatalities when working at height?

Do you have any comments about the existing regulations for work at height, as set out in the Work at Height Regulations (2005) ?

Are there specific measures you believe are necessary to prevent falls, or falling objects, from height which are not currently required by law?

What more can industry do to avoid falls from height, and share good practice?

What role should end users/customers have in ensuring safe work at height?

Would you support enhanced reporting of falls from height as a way of better understanding the causes and helping to reduce falls from height?

Do you believe the current definition of competence for working at height is appropriate?

Can you propose any innovative suggestions, particularly using digital technology, which could have a positive effect on reducing falls / falling objects from height?

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