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PSSR - Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000

We have Engineers that are competent to produce Written Schemes Of Examination and an Engineer that is competent to certify them to certify them to ensure compliance with the regultions. The regulations apply to users and owners of systems containing 'relevant fluids'. Relevant fluids include steam, gases under pressure and fluids that are artificially kept under pressure and become gases upon release into the atmosphere.


They require the whole system to be inspected in accordance with its 'Written Scheme of Examination' which must be drawn up by a competent person.


A 'Written Scheme of Examination' is drawn up following a risk assessment of the Pressure System. It must:

  • Clearly define the extent of, and items of plant included in the pressure system.
  • Detail the inspection frequency of relevant parts of the system.


Pressure System: a system comprising one or more rigid pressure vessels with associated pipe-work and protective devices. In addition to the thorough examination, which involves the system being closed down and vessels opened up, a working examination is also usually required. This involves testing the system under pressure and is sometimes more frequent than the thorough examination.


The regulations apply to the steam plant, compressed air plant and hot water boilers, operating at more than 100°C, but it is recommended that all hot water boilers should be inspected. Similarly, refrigeration and air-conditioning plant with combined compressor motors exceeding 25kW are specifically regulated, but equipment below this level should also be considered for regular inspection.


At Workplace Inspection Services, we have Engineers that are competent to produce Written Schemes of Examination, and an Engineer to certify them, to ensure compliance with the regulations. A pressure system must be inspected in accordance with its 'Written Scheme of Examination'.


Description Inspection Frequency (months) Comment
Steam Boilers and Steam Ovens
May be varied by allowable risk-based assessment scheme of examination
Steam Pressure Plant
As above
Hot Water Boilers over 100°C
As above
Air Pressure Plant
Working examination 13 / thorough examination 26
Air Conditioning Plant over 25kW
As comment row one
Refrigeration plant over 25 kW
As above
Other pressure systems
As above

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